Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Bookish Goals for 2015

  Hey, since it is now 2015 I decided to let you guys know what my bookish goals are for 2015:) I hope to accomplish all of these and stick to them.  Last year I didn't read as much as I would of liked to, so this year I hope to read my butt off this year and dive into this amazing worlds that lye amongst the pages of books I haven't picked up yet.  I also hope to read all the books I have collected on my book shelves the past few years and increase the ratio of books I have read to books I haven't read. 



1. Finish Reading the Hunger Games Series

 2. Re-read the Hobbit and read the Lord of the Rings Series

 4. Finish Reading the Harry Potter series


5. Finish Reading the Chronicles of Narnia


6. Finish reading the Divergent Series

 7. Read at least 30 books and read at least 50 pages a night

8. Do more book reviews for the books I read and do more Read and Reviews for authors

9. Keep up with my Goodreads group I moderate and update it regularly

10. Book Buying Ban: I can only buy one book for every three I read


11. Complete at least 7 series

12. Read more Religious books

  13. Read more graphic novels

 14. Read more Historical Fiction

15. Read more New Adult books

I hope I can check all of these off this year and that I can be introduced to some new jewels hidden amongst my bookshelves. I hope you had a Happy New Year and that you have an amazing 2015 filled with tons of wonderful reads! Let me know in the comments below what your bookish goals are for 2015:)
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