Sunday, January 25, 2015

Review of "Ghost Box" By:Derek Neville


First of all, I want to thank the author Derek Neville for sending me this amazing, bone chilling novella to review!

Isabella was riding her bike near the buiding; which was a highschool at the time, and was approached by a mysterious man. When she put her hand in his and followed him into the building she never knew that she would never step a foot outside again.
Years later...
Boyd is a retired homicide detective who is looking to restart his life after a family tragedy. His boss Donnie calls him to work at the Westinghouse Hotel building construction site. While he works there strange things start to happen, doors open and shut by their selves, and Boyd receives strange phone calls nightly. Boyd got on the computer at the front desk and started to do some research. He finds articles about students and teachers dieing in a tragic fire and the suicide of a teacher and also the suicide of another student. The most terrifying part is all of the children that have gone missing in the area. Boyd starts to piece everything from the last 30 years together and what he finds will chill you to the bone.
Will he ever leave Westinghouse Hotel? Will he ever see his dog Lady again?

This novella was absolutely amazing and from the first page I couldn't get the will power to put it down. It had everything a good spine tingling scary story should have. It captured my attention from the very beginning and I kept on turning the pages, because I wanted to find out what would happen.Derek Neville is a new author, but I love the way his writing hooked me from the very beginning. It was very easy for me to read and the plot twist at the end still gives me goosebumps a day after I got done reading it. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting a good scary story that will haunt you forever!

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