Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May Book Haul 2016

I have decided to start doing book hauls on my blog either every month or every few months, depending on how many books I accumulate. This month I have accumulated about 31 books. I have either bought these books or received them from other people. It is yard sale season so I bought about  8 books at yard sales and I only spent about a few dollars on them all together. I also visited the used bookstore in my college town before I left to go home for the summer and purchased two Stephen King books for really cheap. It was also my birthday this month, on May 15th so I received one book from a friend and bought about 13 books with birthday money I received from my relatives. I am so grateful and thankful for everyone who was so generous and kind to think of me on my birthday!!! Lastly, my Mom bought me 3 books at an Estate Sale and I also visited the bargain section at 
Books-A-Million. Yayyy cheers to so many more awesome books to add to my collection!

Books I Purchased At Used Bookstores:

Books I Purchased At Yard Sales:

Books I Received As Birthday Gifts:

Books I Purchased With The Money I Received For My Birthday:

Books My Mom Purchased For Me At An Estate Sale:

Books I Purchased From The Bargain Section At 


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