Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dewey's 24 Hour Read-A-Thon 2014 Wrap-Up

Sadly I got home really late from my orientation for work and hardly had any time to read at all :(
I was looking forward to this Read-A- Thon and I normally would have gotten through tons of books, but I only managed to read one book (that I started beforehand) and some of another book. When I flinally got home from the orientation at 2:30pm it was already hour 7 of the read-a-thon. Also, I  had loads of homework this weekend and had to knock that out after dinner.  By the time I ate dinner and did my homework it was already 9pm and hour 13 of the read-a-thon. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay up all night because I had a lot going on today and didn't want to be exhausted. I was hoping to at least stay up to 4am, but I was too tired too keep my eyes open. As you can probably tell this Read-A-Thon was just noot in my favor this year:(  I can't wait though till it comes around again and I can participate full and spend the whole 24 hours reading! 


Books I read: I am Number Four By: Pittacus Lore and 
A Walk To Remember By: Nicholas Sparks 
 Total Pages Read: 215
Snacks eaten: Chinese Food and Seven Layer Cookies
Drinks: Sprite and Water
Locations: Outside in my lounge chair, on the couch and in the bath tub
Challenges completed: That reminds me of a book!


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